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Race Tear Offs

Windshield Protection Film and
Paint Protection film

About Race Tear Offs

The Tearoffguys is owned and operated by Karl La Follette in Florida. Our commitment  to high quality Windshield Tearoffs Pre Shrunk or in Bulk delivered to your door step. Our goal is to provide a user friendly experience for the hands on enthusiast. We specialize in being your High End Vehicle specialists with our at home install. We come to you in the privacy of your garage and can take care of any and all Windshield and Paint Protection needs. ON Track you can find us installing for the Gentleman Racer.
As always “Finish With a Clear View”.

Our Services

Window Tinting

   We offer over 70 years combined experience in the Window Film Industry! Yes you are reading that correctly starting In Miami Florida in 1978. Our mentor Murf Murphy is a well renowned Artist using window film in his much sought after original Pieces. Our roots are deep in the install and quality we can offer We can deliver Hauler and Tow Vehicle comfort without the Dark Look using HIGH End solar control films. Transporters can also benefit with having the Drivers Lounge tinted for comfort and privacy. Send a picture over and we can bring film to solve your Solar Control issues you might have.Tearoffs for your hauler or Toter Home and Truck tow vehicle our specialty. Arrive at the track clear and cool “Finish with a Clear View”.

Paint Protection 

   This service is a must for any vehicle that is used ON Track or daily use. Why take a chance on your investment. Peace of mind stone guard and chip protection. Headlights can cost big money and a clear layer of protection could be all you need to avoid a costly repair bill . Year make and model of car is all we need to instal and a couple of hours.”Finish with a Clear View”.

Wraps and Graphics

    Your design or ours we can install car and fleet wraps. We use only the Highest quality material to suit your budget and demands for Quality and “The Wow Factor”. Call to discuss your needs we can walk you thru the process. Got your own wraps and graphics? We install your product and will work with you to make your Brand and Team stand out from the rest of the crowd. It has been speculated our Wraps and Graphics add 10 Horsepower! “Finish with a Clear View”.

We offer both IN Home Services or Race Shop Visit 

   This is a service we offer to teams and the Gentleman Racer. In shop is where we come to you and Install tearoffs,paint protection and wraps. Windshield banners and multi layer tearoffs below so you and your team are race ready. Multi car installs are possible along with full single layer installs for your demanding customers. We offer on site in house quality to get you to the win you deserve. “Finish with a Clear View”.
  Our IN Home service is for our very discriminating customer who demands the best and the safety of visit. Discreet and professional this is one of our favorite services. We come to your garage clean and ready to work . Your car gets the special attention it deserves under the ideal working conditions for us and for you. Sit back and enjoy over 35 years of Window Film Installations by a Caring and Meticulous installer. Full Windshield Installs on your High End Car will save your Windshield on those track days or just for motoring on a Sunday morning .”Finish with a Clear View”.


Team Tearoffguys
Windshield Tearoff Tint School 

Knowledge is power! We offer a one of a kind experience for your team to control costs and quality in house. Installer team training in your Race Shop is available. Your shop your installers getting training on the vehicles you race. Multi Layer installs can be achieved by learning the correct a proven methods we have perfected. Tearoffs and Paint Protection is as much apart of racing as the Motor,chassis and driver. Preparation for a win starts at the Race Shop and Windshield protection is an integral part of winning. Multi Layer Installs and Paint protection is a sure fire way to “Finish with a Clear View”.

For product information and pricing and to order just give us a call

Contact Us

Karl La Follette

1612 Suncoast Blvd Homosassa Florida 34448
1-352-302-2456 cell